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Q: How old does my child need to participate in the sport of wrestling?

A: Kids can start participating in wrestling as early as age 5. At this age the focus is more on     the development of movement and basic techniques while fostering a fun environment.

Q: When is youth wrestling season?

A: Typically begins in early November and runs through late February.

Q: What is the cost of joining a youth wrestling team?

A: Each program is different but in general wrestling is one of the least expensive sports to     participate in.

Q: Can my daughter participate?

A: Absolutely, Women’s Wrestling is an Olympic sport and is now one of the fastest growing     sports at the High School and Collegiate levels.

Q: How can I find a local youth program?

A: Click on the tab above named “Local Teams”

Q: Is wrestling too violent for my youth?

A: Wrestling is not a violent sport.  Matches are won and lost based on the ability to control aggression and execute techniques.

Q: Will my child be required to compete?

A: No, competing in tournaments is not required but is a good way to gain experience once a child has the adequate skills and maturity.

Q: What equipment is needed to participate in wrestling?

A: Shorts, shirt and wrestling shoes are the basic equipment needed.

Q: Will my child have to workout with bigger or older kids?

A: No, Wrestling is one of the few sports that doesn't discriminate against size.  In competition, kids are grouped according to their age and weight.  In the practice setting this is still the case but with a little more flexibility.  Wrestlers may be paired up based on age, weight and experience level.

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